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Revised and undated edition of the classic history of American motion pictures by

Richard Griffith and Arthur Mayer

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When it was first published in 1 957, The movies was an immediate success with  students and lovers of the cinema throughout the English-speaking world,  and it soon Joined the ranks of the classics of movie literature.

For the past five years the authors , ave been working on a revised edition of this great pictorial  history of the motion picture.  It still contains the original material from the first edition . the great silent pictures, the amazing spectaculars, the child stars, the musicals ant the mad scientists – six decades of movie history and its stars and idols. And to all this have been added 70 pages of next text and photographs, covering everything from Cleopatra to Midnight Cowboy and Easy Rider, from Joseph E. Levine to Andy Warhol and the Underground, from the enduring stars like John Wayne and Bette Davis to next ones like Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman.

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